I made it, I got the front end certificate

I made it, I got the front end certificate


Congratulations Marinm


Congrats Marinm!! Love the inspirational posts and replies :slight_smile: Definitely nice to see how you overcame the obstacles and never quit when the going gets tough.


Great Job! Did you do the front end developer nano degree?


yes, I was pretty frustrated after my calculator app. So I took a front end nano degree to improve my fundamental knowledge at that time FCC wasn’t as resourceful as now.
Probably if I am at that point right now I would turn to FCC Youtube channel


Great to hear marinn, congrats and thanks for sharing! Motivates others… and me :joy:


Congratulations! Can I ask your opinion on Udacity? I’ve been on the fence with them. What did you take and would you recommend? ~Tina


Hi, Tina Udacity was a good experience for me personally. I took frontend nano degree. It’s won’t make you job ready as they promise. But I learned a lot by finishing it. Also paying every month made me suddenly much more productive and I was able to graduate in 3 months.
They have an efficient support and having people reviewing your code and leaving comments will teach you a lot.


Congrats. I am just starting at the process. I am extremely nervous about these next projects, but your forum post just inspired me to keep going. So, thank you.



Thank you for energising us…
We r on our way… :wink:


Good luck mate :slight_smile:


Congratz , how many months you spent for this?


Thank you for the feedback.


Thanks for the motivation! I’m actually new on here and trying to navigate the site. How did you start the front-end certificate on here? I can’t seem to find out where to start learning…


Hi, @ksnell19 I am sorry for the late reply I haven’t been checking ffc for a while. I started by going through ffc curriculum and taking udemy courses. Good luck with your journey


I just bought this course. I keep buying them, though, and need to stop. Haha. How are you liking it?


Courses are great to start and familiarize yourself with some technology but it’s nothing like you will be doing at your job as a software developer. So I strongly encourage you to go and build something on your own once you do enough courses. Open source is also like the best free education you can get. Even if you don’t feel like you are able to contribute take one project you are curious about and just dedicate a month of your life to really understand what’s going on in that code and how other people with more experience are writing code, what libraries are they using, and so on


Congratulations. I wish you further achievements.


Awesome feat! Congratulations! So, further along the path…what is the future looking like for you now:)? Best, Manj