I need feedback about my project

I need feedback about my project



Looks good! You just need to take care of some spelling errors and grammatical mistakes (which is understandable if English isn’t your primary language). Going from top to bottom:

“Fronted Developer” should be “Front-End Developer”

The about section has quite a few grammar mistakes and odd phrasings. Here is a reworking of it:

My name is Abhishek Raj Ravi. I’m a student of New Govt. Polyechnic, Patna-13. I am very interested in Web Development. Currently, I’m able to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJs and I’m working to become proficient with NodeJs.

I, also, have an extensive knowledge of C, C++, and Java.

I am passionate about Open Source, have considerable experience with GIT technology, and have been an active open source contributor since December 2017.

I wasn’t sure what you meant by “nerdy” in your about section, so I assumed you meant that you have a lot of experience with C, C++, and Java. If I’m interpreting that wrong, then change “an extensive” to “a fair amount of.”

Anyway, page looks great! Keep it up!


Thank you very much.


Continuing with grammer errors, the sentence “The man who can be control of himself, will be able to conquer the world.” under the “I believe” title looks bizarre to me. I bring it up and maybe a native English speaker could have a look at it. I’m thinking maybe “the man who can be IN control…”.

As for design, the site looks great. I would probably change the white footer but just being picky here.


Thank you for your feedback


@arrbxr Looks great overall. I like the delayed pop-up effects. Right now it says Fronted Developer which I would change to Front-End and like @alaminos said I would add the word “in” to The man who can be in control as it reads much better. But great job overall


Here I changed this error




Great that looks much better. I like the favicon.ico that you made of yourself. I’m totally going to use that technique on my site too. Don’t forget to add the in as well in the bottom quote


Yes that looks great :+1: It reads very nicely


Thank you very much :smile: