I need good hosting provider for my website

I need good hosting provider for my website


I want suggestion from the people that already experienced any good hosting providers for my website. I have gone through several providers but i am little bit confused to choose the best from the list of providers that i have seen. It would be helpful if anyone let me choose the best providers for website hosting.

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If it’s a basic static page then you’d be best looking at


Both free!


This is the 3rd site I’ve hosted through siteground. I’ve used a lot of hosts but I can honestly say that I have never had such excellent customer service. Their product is fantastic, pricing great, but the top notch friendly staff is what really ices the cake for me.

The up-time is phenomenal, and the tech support is the best. I waited hours on some of my other hosts for help. Since moving to Siteground I have never waited more than 6 minutes for tech support, and it is usually less than a minute. No one else comes close to Siteground.

For Magento, They provide free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun to make both yours and your customers’ experience with Magento really fast and enjoyable as well. Bluehost is another good option for Magento as most of my friends using bluehost with great results

I highly recommend SiteGround web hosting and BlueHost for magento. Their perks are great and you always have last 30-days of backups that they will restore for you free of charge.