I need help with animated project

I need help with animated project


Hi ! I am having problems with one of my projects. I want png to be on top of the animated part, but animation goes under the image and I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help me please ?

Here is the link https://codepen.io/anastasiabeletskaya/pen/ajKvyV


follow these steps…

  1. Remove image tag.
  2. Assign div tag where you want the image (Divide the page by div tag )
  3. then add the image tag

hope you get the results fast.


The problems is that I don’t know where exactly I should place div tag


any sample design or website show me. i’ll help you. otherwise how can i understand where you want the image on the page.


maybe it’s not the best example, but I just want the image to stay fixed and have animation on the background


ok I can try it myself just movement


Hey i can do it see my code pen


Wooow ! Thank you very much, you’re great !!!


thank you !! & your welcome