I need help with this please

I need help with this please

Build & Style The UI

  • Style the BODY element with a white background color
  • Create a DIV and give it a data-cart-info attribute. Inside the DIV, create a HEADING with mdc-typography--headline4" as its CSS class
  • The HEADING should have 2 SPAN elements. The First displays a shopping cart by setting its class to material-icons and setting its content to shopping_cart. The second SPAN has an attribute of data-bill and will be used to display the total figure the user is trying to pay on the app
  • After the data-cart-info DIV, create another DIV, give it an attribute of data-credit-card and set its class to mdc-card and mdc-card--outlined Within the data-credit-card DIV, create a new DIV with a class of mdc-card__primary-action These elements will be styled with the look and feel of an actual credit card!
  • Within the .mdc-card__primary-action DIV, create an IMAGE with an attribute of data-card-type and set its SRC to http://placehold.it/120x60.png?text=Card. This IMAGE will be used to display the credit card type, based on the series of numbers entered by the user
  • Right after the IMAGE, create a DIV with an attribute of data-cc-digits . It should contain four INPUT text fields, each with a size of 4 and a placeholder of ---- (4 dashes). These fields will be used to collect the credit numbers
  • Create a DIV with an attribute of data-cc-info as a sibling to the data-cc-digits DIV. This new DIV should have two INPUT text fields, one for entering the card holder’s name while the other will be for the card’s expiry date. The first field should have a size of 20 and a placeholder of Name Surname . The expiry date field should have a size of 6 and a placeholder of MM/YY - indicating the expiry date format.

We are now done with the structure of the credit card component. Let’s make a button to allow the user make payment with the card details

  • Create a BUTTON as a sibling to the data-credit-card DIV. Set the BUTTON’s class to mdc-button and give it a data-pay-btn attribute. It should have Pay & Checkout Now as its display text. After the user enters details of the card and clicks on this button, the app will strike-though the card numbers to indicate that they are in-valid.

Saw your other posts, good luck

Am having an error code"The data-credit- card DIV does not have the required css style.