I need to stop monthly donations

I need to stop monthly donations


I pure student from Russia, I like freeCodeCamp project and want to help you with last my money… and if I’ll not cancel donation I’ll have nothing to eat in the next month…

  • I haven’t found the donation cancelling in account settings: https://www.freecodecamp.org/settings ;

  • Also I haven’t possibility to cancel donation via bank site;

  • I was calling to the bank and they said that is only one way to cancel the donation… making new bank card!!!



If you’re donating via PayPal, you can cancel the recurring payments through your PayPal account. If you donated via Stripe, then you just need to email [email protected].


I was using Mastercard. This is so nervius for me.

When you will add donate canceling function?


If you email [email protected], they can cancel the donations. Unfortunately, the secure credit card processing service that FCC uses does not allow people to cancel their own payments. Administrators must go in and cancel manually. This is a significant complaint about Stripe, but currently one that is tolerated for the security and reliability that Stripe provides.


They are still not answering. I have wrote them twice…


I understand that you are very anxious, but it has only been one day, the FCC email address gets a ton of email every day, and there is only one @QuincyLarson. You are not being ignored, and FCC does understand that this is an important request. They just may not have seen it yet. I’m very sorry that this is so stressful for you.