I started weekly code vlog

I started weekly code vlog


I’ve just want to share the news that I’ve started a weekly code vlog.

After the first week I can say that vlogging turns out to be a perfect way to plan my learning process and stay on track!

First weekly vlog where I code Simon Game is on:

Besides the obvious benefits for myself (loads of motivation, staying on track, revising stuff, etc), I want it to make it useful for those who like watching this kind of YT channels.
That’s why I’m open to any feedback how I can make it better also for other co-campers. Feel invited to watch, comment, suggest and subscribe!


Good idea and also nice design of your simon game!


Really nicely done vlog. Excellent job! I am not that far along on FCC yet. I think it takes a lot of courage to produce a blog or vlog to help others while you are still learning. Thank you!


It gives also a lot of motivation to stay on track and helps you rethink if you’ve used your week wisely.
I see much more benefits than drawbacks, so I’ll keep on doing it :slight_smile: Hope it’ll also help others.


The keyword of the week is feedback because good product is never done.


Another week brings new thoughts on remote work and learning from home.


This week I focused on learning flexbox.


Cool - I was just thinking yesterday that I should learn flexbox!

Could you make a separate post of those tools you were playing with in the opening montage?

Also - Malaga looks amazing! I think that every time I see your vlog :slight_smile:

Oh, ignore that! I saw you put it in the video description


Great that it’s useful also for others. That’s the essence of sharing :slight_smile:

The whole province of Málaga is beautiful, that’s true. The place it’s worth more than a short visit.
Currently I live in Málaga capital and majority of city shots come from here.
In the last vlog there were also the shots from sightseeing the other places that belong to the Málaga region (Marbella, Mijas, Torremolinos).


Meetings and learning to code.


Design for developers.


This week I implemented custom grid system using flexbox


Why to learn to code? Ability to create useful stuff from scratch and freedom win on my list! #learntocode #remote


Styling portfolio, comeback to code after longer break and pair programming


This week I created my first React code snippets!


Self-awareness, energy flows, and priorities.


Iteration over perfection


This week I built a simple Note App in React.js


React Training has a great free tutorial on Github Battle. This is what I built with it:


These just keep getting better and better. I enjoy watching these, and love your choice of music.

I think you will inspire many other campers to create vlogs :slight_smile: