I started weekly code vlog

I started weekly code vlog


There are many benefits from running a code vlog and I really recommend it for all campers! I still have a looot to learn about vlogging, but I love this process of discovering and experimenting :slight_smile:
Hopefully in December, I will find a moment to share more details about my vlog experiences in some Medium article.
It may be useful for other co-campers who are thinking about starting a code vlog. What do you think @QuincyLarson?


@ewathedoer Yes, I agree. I think a follow-up Medium article would be awesome!


@ewathedoer I am completely new to FCC and I find this so inspiring! I have always wanted to build my own website (hence why I am here), and share my learning/start a podcast/start creating videos. This might have been the nudge in the right direction. I’d love to share my journey as well.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, I can’t wait to continue watching your videos :smiley:


@anon18850912 it would be great to see how other people deal with daily challenges while learning to code, so I keep my fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

Vlogging for me is really great for:

  • keeping track of progress,

  • staying motivated,

  • doing more and doing better,

  • giving back to the community

There are much more pluses but I think that these 4 is enough to start sharing the journey.


@ewathedoer I completely agree! I’ll let you know once the first video is up! :smiley: I also did a little digging and found out you’re Polish? Where in Poland are you from? My family is from Poland, I was born in Canada.


@anon18850912 I was born in Wielkopolska and later I moved to Silesia (the area of Katowice).
Waiting for your vlog :slight_smile:


Oh wow nice! My family is from the Stalowa Wola area.

It will come soon, I’ll make sure to let you know when it is started :smiley:


Love it! How much time does it take to edit one episode?


@AdventureBear usually about 4 hours, plus about one to name all raw camera material and prepare a video flow. I’m learning to organize this work smarter, hopefully it will take 1-2 less in the nearest future. In December I plan to write some article about the details, so stay tuned here https://medium.com/@thedoer


Last week I implemented Markdown Previewer with React.js

This week I focused on planning the next two projects, Leaderboard and Recipe Box


This week I built Camper Leaderboard


The last vlog this year, this time about Recipe Box project.


I’ll watch these once I get time, your format seems to be awesome.


I just watched your first installment and subscribed. Your presentation is quite fun as well as informative.


If you have ever wondered how I shoot the vlog and wanted to start something similar, you must read it:


I can’t recommend “what the flexbox!” Wes Bos course enough. It’s on youtube.