I’ve built 100+ open-source apps with automation tools

I’ve built 100+ open-source apps with automation tools

Hello Coders,

I am a freelance developer and I’ve generated more than 100 apps in different languages and architectures, using automation tools and boilerplate code. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

About the automation process

I decided to build an automation workflow, based on my freelancing experience from the last two years, mostly based on the feedback and clients requirements:

  • The clients constantly require a variety of designs to choose from
  • Apps should be delivered in modern technologies
  • Legacy apps migration to newer technologies using low budgets

To solve all those problems and challenges I’ve built a semi-automated workflow:

  • Build an HTML parser to prepare the flat HTML design to be production-ready for various template engines (Jinja2, PUG, Blade, Php native … etc)
  • Inject the processed design into existing boilerplate code (Laravel, Nodejs, JAMstack, Flask)
  • Execute automatically a minimum set of tests

All apps (free & commercial) are published on this public
Github -> app-generator

I will mention only a few apps here (only the free ones):

#1 Generated JAMstack Apps

More than 40 apps with the design provided by well-known web agencies:

  • Free Apps (MIT license) - Argon Design, Material Kit, Now UI

#2 Generated Flask Apps

All apps (free & commercial) are using the same underline boilerplate enhanced with SQLite database, ORM, Authentication, helpers and basic tooling (static export via Flask-Frozen and FTP deploy script)

  • Free Apps (MIT License) - Paper Ki, FlaskPlay
  • Free Apps (CCA 3.0 License - preserve the footer) - Phantom, SolidState

#3 Generated Admin Dashboards

All admin dashboards are coded in Flask Microframework with SQLite database, authentication ORM and basic tooling

  • Flask Dashboard Argon
  • Flask Dashboard Material
  • Flask Dashboard NowUi

Other (Generated) Apps and Boilerplates

  • Full-Stack - two-tier architecture with Vue, React frontend - MIT License
  • Nodejs, Laravel, and Flask boilerplate code - MIT License

Thank you and feel free to AMA in the comments.
Sm0ke - #Automation, my favorite programming language

Wow!! Keep it up. Can I ask what did you use?

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Hello Sakku,

A self-made HTML parser to prepare the HTML and boilerplates, prototyped before the parsing phase.
All apps are open-source. Links:

https://github.com/app-generator/html-parser -> the parser
https://github.com/app-generator -> the repo

The concept will be extended to many frameworks … This is the first drop with generated apps.
Google: “appseed app generator”

Thanks for your time!

None of your repositories contain anything other than advertisement of your paid service.

I have de-listed this topic, and would appreciate you not posting it again.

Most of the apps are MIT licensed and all of them are open-source.
Is ok to unlist the post, no problem but the apps are open-source, anyone can visualize the code :).

https://github.com/app-generator/admin-dashboards - 5 apps, fully coded MIT
https://github.com/app-generator/flask-apps - 5 MIT, 2 CCY30 (preserve the footer) - Fully Coded

Full-Stack apps in Vue and React with JWT authentication - MIT license - 6 apps

Anyway, sorry if the information was not useful. I was thinking the opposite.