I want to learn Python but why?

I want to learn Python but why?


Hello everybody ,

I have been looking at some tutorials about Python and I like it but at one point it gets a little bit frustrating or too complicated. I don’t have any guidance and I have never asked anybody about anything related to programming in my life.

I want a productive tutorial that leads to somewhere cause my goal is learning and actually getting a job with Python.
I don’t actually know where should Python lead me to what ? I want something fun and creative in the same time.

There are loads of tutorials online but I would like to hear how did you start learning Python ? What’s your story and what made you not to quit or jump from a youtube video to another ending up watching the first man on earth … etc . Obviously I am joking here a bit but every joke has a seed of truth.

Probably a lot of people who broke this barrier of jumping over the hard line in programming will not even throw a glance at this post but if you do, think that every word you say or help somebody, will come back to you one day 10 times more or at least my mom was saying that :slight_smile:

Thanks for who viewed this post and hope to be an active user on this forum.


This should help: https://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide/Programmers


Thank you SpaniardDev I will look right now .


Personally I picked up python after I had some experience using C and javascript. Python syntax turned out to be similar enough to javascript and much more simpler than C, so I never felt really bored or frustrated while learning python.
‘Dive into python’ used to be a great resource for learning python, but the author took down the book from its official sites and mirrors. You may be able to find some copies floating around in github repo’s, try to get your hands on one before all the copies disappear.
If you are the kind to learn faster when following a structured course, I would recommend Fundamentals of computing specialization (coursera), you can audit the course and access all the course material for free. The first two courses of the specialization focuses on basics of python, later courses dive into algorithms, data structures and general computing principles. There are a few other great courses focusing on python on coursera, go through the list and choose the one that best suits your goals.
If you prefer a bit more loosely structured method of learning, I would recommend that you check out this youtuber and this related site, combined they will give you a very good overview of what can be done using python and hopefully give you ideas for some great projects.
Hope the above mentioned resources help push you forward on your programming journey.


Thank you AdityaVT for taking the time to write all this message . I think now I have enough with what SpaniardDev and you gave me so now into learning.
The Fundamentals with coursera helped me a lot now understanding some things that I was stuck at.

Many thanks both of you .