I would like feedback on my portfolio page

I would like feedback on my portfolio page


Thank you for the feedback. I value it. I will defs make the change.


Fantastic portfolio, one of the best I’ve seen. Well done!


Thank you.But you should never delete your work bro,
you should continue with your work, with time and practise you can easily beat me.


Hi giordifungula,

There’s good and there’s bad news.
Good news: On the whole it is beautiful. Good colors. The contact bit was the best part, the animation was very elegant. It was there without being in my face. That could become a useful part of your webpage. Great use of the space and colors in that contact bit. Very sleek and elegant.
Bad news: But I do feel there is too much going on and it is too crowded.There are too many animations and the one in the beginning lasts too long. The portfolio part is so crowded! Try to create more space between the pictures somehow!The animations make that feeling even worse.
My advice to you: LESS IS MORE! If you use an animation, you do that to draw the user’s attention. So there has to be a reason for that. Your site should be functional and pretty. So whatever is pretty but does not server a real function, GET RID OF IT! And then you’ll get there allright.


I steal designs all the time, reverse engineer it understand it, rebuild from scratch, pixel perfect, thats how you learn, got a good job understanding the guts and gore of major frameworks, if you know how to rebuild from scratch you done a good job, aslong as you didnt copy paste code, dont let these jeleous ppl get you down, in the end i could improve in a big way on the css of adidas, nike, etc,… , its good the learn by looking at others


thank you for the feedback. I will implement it.


Thank you so much for the support. I will continue to push bro. I value your input.


a couple of very quick observations:

1: nice design
2: put it on your own domain
3: remove ‘junior’ developer - it’s an unnecessary title you’ve given yourself, and employer will be able to decide
4: a few padding increases in your cv?

otherwise, see #1


Absolute work of ART.
Subtitle effect seems to lag/cut itself for me, but that may be caused by my potato computer.

This stuff is amazing!


Yeah, that’s how I started learning html, by destroying sites using Inspect Element and filling them to the brim with dead/unknown memes


I loved it man! It’s quite fascinating for me as I’m a beginner at this. You have done a great job.

A small question to ask. How long did it took you to learn to develop this kind of portfolio page from a complete beginner level to this proficient level in web development?


Your site is written for other devs, but not for HR people.
That’s gonna be a problem if you want to apply for jobs with it.

About Section:
Also stop this buzzword talk like “I am an innovator”, especially if you don’t show proof.
Same with “I am an athlete”.
Would be awesome, if you would be an innovator or an athlete, but not without proof.

Skills Section:
Do you think, that outside of the web dev community anyone knows what the 5 and 3 stand for?
Node: I’ve had a look at your “node skills”. Your oldest project with node is 19 days old. Please don’t add skills like this one to this section.

Work Experience Section:
Pizza, Gin, Coffee? How is that supposed to lead to you being recognized as a valuable web developer?


19 days old? That’s barely 3 weeks! No reason why he can’t put node.js if he recently learned and created a project using it??

Maybe they’re there because he doesn’t HAVE any developer or IT job experience other than the education and the Trac-Tech (which was 3 years ago). Even if it’s not IT or Web Dev related it does show he has work experience regardless of what kind it is.

Side note to OP–
In the work section under your Debonair’s Pizza entry you have this:
" Year: 2016 (November - Jan 2017)"

which is it? 2016 or 2017?

I would also suggest just putting the month/year…

For example

June 2015

Debonair’s Pizza
Nov. 2016-Jan 2017

Woodstock Gin
2017 (add month(s) if you can)



You can have that stuff in your CV/resume I wouldn’t put it on the page. It’s pretty irrelevant information for a developer portfolio.

  1. I would rework the about text. Focus on your motivation, strength as a developer, and learning abilities.

  2. I would give the project-grid items some box-shadow and increase the grid gap to make them stand out more from the background.

  3. I would move the breakpoint for the grid up to like 960px

  4. The last two grid items are missing a space between the classes.

Are this:
project-gridw-grid6 aos-init aos-animate

Should be this:
project-grid w-grid6 aos-init aos-animate

  1. I would increase the size of the icons in the footer.

Nice design BTW.


19 days old? That’s barely 3 weeks! No reason why he can’t put node.js if he recently learned and created a project using it??

A skills section should give information about a topic, in which a developer can help an employer or customer to build professional software.

There is no professional value in typing npx create-react-app my-app and saying Hey, look at me, I can build a running React app..

I would put a skill into a skills list when I’d invested about 100-200 hours into it.


19 solid days on a skill is plenty to list it, at least to rank ones self at the beginner level. One can certainly learn the basics of React and redux (for example) and code up a few simple apps in that amount of time. It’s up to an interviewer to suss out how deep the actual experience goes. The problems with this portfolio page go quite a bit deeper than the experience section, unfortunately…


Thank you for the valuable feedback. I will make make the relevant changes.
I also have no work outside of web dev so I have shown where I have worked to fill that location.


Thank you Chuck. I value the input .