I'd love some feedback on my Portfolio Page

I'd love some feedback on my Portfolio Page


This is no way near a finished product, I think it needs a bit of work, but I wanted to do something simple and to the point. The work I’m showcasing needs a lot of work as well. So I’m not ready to showcase this to employers yet. Tell me what you guys think. https://codepen.io/klavensjones/full/vVYXpE/


it looks great, might need a good background instead of the boring white, also you don’t mention you skills at all, and you don’t say anything about you.


Yea, im gonna add an about page that goes into who l. Also as far as the white background I was going for a minimalist look kinda like this https://sanatrath.com, I will definitely add more color and interactivity. It does look a bit boring lol.


It looks really good I think, I don’t necessarily think you need to change the background, it looks simple and clean like this. Maybe just for the beginning of it where your name is you could add a background, but I would leave the project section as is. A few small points, I would recommend taking off “entry level” from your description. Even if that is what you’re looking for, I’ve heard that it makes you seem less confident and it closes you out of positions that you might otherwise get attention for. Stick to front end/back end/full stack web developer or something along those lines. You could also have a list of technologies that come up when you hover over your projects. Also this may be intentional, but your linkedin link takes you to the linkedin homepage. Overall its looking pretty good I think.


I agree with Hassanbhb. I avoid to use pure white (#fff) or pure black (#000) to color my page. If you want to let the background with a light color, choose one which is close to white (#f7f7f7 for example). I like to use #333 color with something next to black. It seems simple and not useful, but it makes a lot of difference in the final. You should try it.

In the figure below, I changed the background-color to #f7f7f7, and color of fonts to #333. I also added a text-shadow to your h1 and p elements (text-shadow: -2px 2px 5px #555).


I forgot to mention. You can use different fonts. There are a lot in https://fonts.google.com/. It’s easy to use and they are beautiful (: