I'm 14, and this is my portfolio!

I'm 14, and this is my portfolio!


http://codepen.io/kingpete76/pen/ORVYAx this is my portfolio i have been working on for 2 weeks, i will be adding text to the about section another time.

what are your thoughts, any suggestions?


Very nice! I love the font in particular.

It might be worth having a look at adding scroll spy, or smooth scroll


It’s nice and professional.
I wish I had started earlier in programming like you are right now. Good for you.


Not bad! I look forward to seeing you fill it in with more work.

Your last div should probably be centered in the same way the others are.


Awesome stuff, I like the whole look of it, I think the contact items at the bottom should be centered like the the rest of it.


yeah, i had trouble figuring out how to get the icons to be center, so i ended up just moving the contact to the middle


thank you! i would love to go to college for computer science, so i’m starting to learn now


Never knew about smooth scroll. I’ve used scroll spy though. Great tip.