Im coding again after almost 20yrs! Would be great to have some feedback on my first project(freecodecamp)

Im coding again after almost 20yrs! Would be great to have some feedback on my first project(freecodecamp)


Hello you all, back to 1999 when I was 11 my uncle gave to me a HTML textbook and I got fascinated about it, after 1 or 2 years playing with HTML on the notepad and struggling to put it online I just gave up and started doing other things. When I grew up I was ‘obligated’ to study a lot of things that I didn’t like and now with almost 30years old I have the opportunity to change my life and became a Web Developer, what I really want to be since always.

Anyway, I started with the FreeCodeCamp few days ago and finished my first project, it would be great for me to have some feedback on it. I just designed to desktop view (I’ll make a responsive one on the next project for sure)

Ayrton Senna Tribute Page

Thanks for your attention!!


Hey @LealBruno! Awesome to hear you’re getting back into the development field. Unfortunately your codepen link is giving a 404 error. I’d love to take a look at your project though!


Hey @dlyons thanks for your repply! Please check if you can see it now, cheers!!


I totally can and it looks great! Very clean, good flow to the content. I really enjoy your use of just a simple white background and larger images. Gives it a very open and spacious sort of feeling. Love your font choice for the section titles.

I know you mentioned that you haven’t worked on the responsive end just yet so I’ll leave that out. I think the one major thing I would suggest is tweaking your biography section. Now, I love the large image, I love where you have it next to the bio. It’s just that bottom left corner of text gets obscured by Ayrton. And I have a feeling as you start to code down to smaller and smaller viewports that’s going to be more of a problem.

It’s totally up to you, but I would personally try turning down the opacity on “.senna” maybe with opacity: 0.5; or opacity: 0.4; if you want to go a bit lighter. Bolding the font might help bring it out even more as well. But play around with that and see what you like.

Other than that, I’d maybe add a touch of a bottom margin on the images in the memorable moments section. Just to give the text below a little breathing room.

Excellent tribute page @LealBruno, I can definitely see you put a ton of work and thought into it :smile: