I'm getting insane and completely overloaded

I'm getting insane and completely overloaded

I’m working as an Systems Administrator (38.5hrs/week) and studying Network- & Communications Engineering (includes stuff like software development and network design) in college after work & on the weekends.
There are two topics I just have to learn or else I’m not satisfied with myself:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • and Web-Development.

I’ll finish my master (in ~5 years) in Artificial Intelligence… but before that I want to get a job in Web-Dev, since this is the kind of work I really like to do.

So I got these problems:

  1. I have to get a good Systems Administrator for the work I do now
  2. I have to learn for my college degree / exams
  3. I have to learn/work in web-development for multiple hundret/thousand hours to get a job that pays more than my present sysadmin job
  4. I have to learn/work for my masters degree when the time comes, stripping even more time from me
  5. I’m switching between what I learn, books, courses, etc. pp. all the time, because I just can’t choose what I should do first or what I should prioritize

I’m stuck. I can’t think clearly.
My goals are clear, but I just don’t have time to do all of this next to working and learning for college.
I even subscribed to Pluralsight and Stefan Mischooks Full Stack course - but the only things I do is answering the quizzes and questions right the whole time, since I know most of the topics but don’t know where I stopped learning years ago. I also did literally everything on FCC up to the end of Javascript - but that was years ago and many things changed. I don’t even know anymore what my old username was.

I’m wasting time by thinking about what I should do so I don’t waste my time.

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do one thing at a time.
It may seems counterintuitive, but try the 12 weeks year method.
Reach your goal in 12 weeks, and then at the end of your 12 weeks assess: do you want to do something on that same subject, you want to change subject?
take one week of rest, and then start again.

It can be a job goal, a study goal. Just find your priority for the following 12 weeks, and when you need to choose between a few things because you don’t have enough time to do everything, choose your priority.

There is also a book on this method, but I have not read it, and I arrived to this from other ways.