I'm getting so confused with CSS grid and Flexbox

I'm getting so confused with CSS grid and Flexbox


I’ve been over the FCC material twice on these subjects as well as completing Flexbox Froggy and Grid Garden. But as soon as I come to actually trying to get it to work on my survey form I have no idea what I’m doing and things don’t work the way I expect them to. Anyone have any advice on how to get these topics to sink in? Because it’s driving me crazy.


At this point, it may help for you to post some code you have tried on your own and tell us what you are expecting it to do/show and instead what you are getting. Then, maybe we can guide you in such a way that you discover/learn how to fix it yourself.


Besides posting code (please do!) I find it helps to keep reference material up.

Whatever framework I work with, in whatever language, I always pull up a reference. I don’t always need it but it really helps you visualize the code.


This might be helpful for Flexbox: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/the-complete-illustrated-flexbox-tutorial-d35c085dbf35