I'm in a community of volunteers creating a platform to help people who are homeless around the world. Want to join me? (React, Meteor, Sys Admin, UX/UI, Backend, App Dev)

I'm in a community of volunteers creating a platform to help people who are homeless around the world. Want to join me? (React, Meteor, Sys Admin, UX/UI, Backend, App Dev)

Hi, i’m part of a community of volunteers who create positive projects to try and make the world a better place. We’ve been working on transforming homelessness through community connection, and provide a map of free resources for people who are homeless, things like showers, shelter, addiction support groups, free suit hire for interviews, washing machines, free training courses, and other things to meet their basic needs, and to take steps to improve their circumstances.

The main vision is to build supportive communities of local people who want to help, and connect them with people on the streets, while collecting the most effective ideas local people can do to support those who want to rebuild their life.

We are closing in on Beta launch so it’s a great time to be involved, and we’re very keen to add committed developers to our team page to support people in our team finding better jobs and growing their skills. The app is built in ReactJS/Meteor, you would be welcome to join in and be part of delivering a project that will help the worlds most vulnerable and in need all around the World.

The project should be receiving strong publicity so it’s an excellent time to join in if you’re building your portfolio. The map has already been featured in The Independent (one of the UK’s big 5 National newspapers), and we’d love everyone involved to benefit from their efforts so you’d be thanked personally in all of our press releases.

We’re all volunteers, no-one is getting paid while you give your time for free. We’re all just coming together to help the most at need in our World. Among others this project will improve life right now, and opportunities for the future for;

  • the massive 55% increase in homeless in the UK under the ‘cut everything’ Tory Government
  • Refugee’s from the Syrian war
  • The huge amount of homeless veterans in the US

Please get in touch if you’d like to help, i’d love to hear from you.

I can’t include links but you can reach me and see more in the forum on the site. just google the Brighter Tomorrow Map and introduce yourself.



Would love to, I know a little React.

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Yes, but I would like more information.

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I’m excited to have you join in Jack, Gopi, and Matt. i’ll send DM’s :slight_smile:

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oh wait, i can’t send DM’s on this Discourse instance.

@Jack_Patterson and @Gopikrishna would you please google Brighter Tomorrow Map (it’s a .com) and post in the introductions thread :slight_smile:

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I don’t think @AndyatFocallocal can post links because he’s a newish member. Here’s the link: https://brightertomorrowmap.com/, discourse is on the right hand side of the page, which is really cool. Check it it out!

I’ve joined, and it’s a really awesome community to be a part of. This is a real project, and you will gain real experience.
Just a heads up of my troubles when trying to get the site up: make sure you update node/npm. That was my problem. I tried all kinds of things, and the solution was just a few keyboard clicks.



Well done working that out @username1001. Would you mind making a PR to our readme and update it with that info to help all future users please :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, @AndyatFocallocal! :smiley:

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I would love to be part of this

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@MohameDawood Awesome! can you DM me your email address?




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Hey, I am happy to join your project. Kindly contact me at removed

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would like to join that community as i need to gain experience here is my email removed hopefully i will be able to help

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Invites all sent, let me know if there are any issues and i look forwards to getting to know you all :slight_smile:

@aizen3 @bytenaija



and also @MohameDawood



i joined but i am new to this trello how can i do something .can you explain to me please

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Hi AndyatFocallocal,
I would like to help. My email is removed

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Did you work it out @aizen3? If not send me your email as the project is across three platforms (building towards just 1 in the future), so i’ll need to invite you to all of them. Trello is just for finding and tracking tasks (their comments/messaging system is terrible).



I’m just replying to myself to bump this up again as we had so many awesome people join in from the post




I am a young programmer and I need training would any one assist me

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