Implementing google recaptcha with auth0 universal login

Implementing google recaptcha with auth0 universal login

Hi everyone,

Has anyone implemented google recaptcha(v2, v3) with auth0. I am trying to implement it with rules but, can’t find any good documentation on how to implement it, I saw this topic in auth0 community but, don’t know how to implement it. I am using aws-node, CMS, api-gateway, google-recaptcha, auth0. Thanks in advance

Why use auth0? You get a score from google and you decide what to do with it.

I am using auth0 to manage users, authentication and authorization and I already have implemented that, so I already use auth0, my question is how to implement google recaptcha with their universal login. Thanks

I don’t use auth0., but if you’re just using vanilla JS and PHP/nodejs it’s pretty straightforward.

Did you try looking at the docs?

There’s also several online youtube videos explaining it step by step:

Thank you @kerafyrm02, the recaptcha part is pretty straight forwarded, all I need there are the SITE KEY and SECRET KEY which I already have and I’ve implemented them without auth0, I know it’s easy without auth0 but, I need it with auth0. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. by the way again I use aws-lambda, serverless, and auth0