Importing Bootstrap Locally - Not working

Importing Bootstrap Locally - Not working


So i have always used codepen for my projects in which you can import stuff without using the head. Now i am trying to host locally on my computer and i have run into a issue.

When you download your pen, nothing like the cross origin or integer is included like on the bootstrap website when it comes to importing bootstrap in the head.

for exmaple:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

I am trying to import bootstrap and jQuery, here is my git -->

I commented out the import for the bootstrap because it breaks everything, i just have no idea what i am doing wrong.



Well, it’s imported correctly so the problem must be with CDN.

I don’t know which version of bootstrap you’ve been using at Codepen, but I had an issue with one udemy course where the instructor was using a 3.x.x version while the latest version was 4.1. Some of the stuff he’d written didn’t work with latest bootstrap version and I had to change a bunch of classes.


Don’t you need to open an <html> tag?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="...">
    <!-- ... -->

You can try to download bootstrap and place it by your port.css file.
Also try to use your browser console and web dev tools for further debugging info.


Thanks, without the HTML tags it was not working (breaking everything).

Thanks to you both for your time and solutions.