In some exercises the code window is no longer scrollable

In some exercises the code window is no longer scrollable

Scrollbar is quite narrow in code window and only reacts to left mouse click…

This is from exercise:

Firefox 69.0.3, on Mac

Thanks for reporting. Can you give us more details:

  • Details of your system: Browser with Version (is it broken on all browsers), Viewport sizes?
  • Are you unable to use a pointing device that has a scroll? Like a mouse or a trackpad that needs you to click on the scroll bar?
  • Do the arrow keys work?

There is already an issue for this here.

  • It has been a problem in Firefox for users on both Windows and Apple users.
  • Neither scroll wheels on pointing devices nor scroll features on trackpads work.
  • You need to click the (extremely narrow and somewhat hard to see) scroll bar and drag.
  • Arrow keys do work, so you can scroll one line at a time by going to the last line and using the down arrow.
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Thanks @ArielLeslie, we will take a look.

Fix landed in production


Thanks for what you and all the contributors are doing. I’m sure that you’re under a ton of stress.

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Thanks for your kind words.

I am happy that we have pushed out these updates, and everyone is able to work, learn and contribute back to the community.

Cheers, and thanks to you as well.