Indent Guides on CodePen?

Indent Guides on CodePen?


Hello everyone, I am finding it difficulty to navigate between html elements,figuring which closing tag belongs to which opening tag. Are there any “indent guides” on CodePen editor?


There aren’t indent guidelines. But if you place your cursor in a tag, it will underline the matching tag. See below:
My cursor is in </h1> and you can see the matching tag <h1 class="title"> underlined.

Remember you can always use the Tidy HTML (and css and js) feature to help keep things …tidy!



highlight your ENTIRE html code … then hit Shift+tab :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you for fast reply. I did not notice that. Will use it more often from now on. Much love <3.


Thanks alot,even tho it isn’t indent guide, it really helps alot. It will save me alot of time and stress. Much love to you as well <3 :slight_smile: