Inline Styling and Hex to mix color

Inline Styling and Hex to mix color


I have try all my possible best to get out of this section but seems I can’t pass here. Please can someone tell me where am wrong? The challenge keep telling me the <h1> I am green></h1> should be green and I typed this code
<h1 style= "color:green" class="green-text">I am green!></h1>


  .red-text {
  .green-text {
    color: #00FF00;
  .dodger-blue-text {
    color: #2998E4;
  .orange-text {
    color: #FFA500;

<h1 style="color:red"class="red-text">I am red!</h1>

<h1 style="color:green"class="green-text">I am green</h1>

<h1 style="color:dodgerblue"class="dodger-blue-text">I am dodger blue!</h1>

<h1 style="color:orange"class="orange-text">I am orange!</h1>

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You should only be modifying code in between the <style> and </style> tags per the instructions. That section is known as the style element. You added a style attribute inside each h1 element which is incorrect. Just reset your code and only change the hex codes for the colors per the instructions.


Inline style is discouraged, you should use classes and a stylesheet whenever possible.