Interest in a Charlotte NC Study Group?

Interest in a Charlotte NC Study Group?

Been going through code camp and one other certification program since January and am looking to connect with other new developers. Both for study purposes (shared knowledge, going over code together, answering questions, etc.) and for moral support.

Anyone else out there anywhere close?
Would be cool with meeting only once in a while and perhaps virtually a bit more frequently.


I’d be interested in a NC group - maybe Asheville, though. I’m in Johnson City, TN.
I’m studying with Dr Eggars @ Duke on Coursera and FCC. I’m going for big data stuff, like Data Scientist, since I know most of the coding already. I’m getting the certificates at FCC, which I hope will help me. This is also filling in holes, since most of my coding I learned OTJ.


If you have slack and aren’t already a member there is a Slack group for Charlotte Devs. There is always a study group or meetup happening. I know there’s a js study group every Thursday evening.

The forum part is a little quiet- I haven’t been there in a long time but that’s how I ended up in the slack group lol.

Tell 'em Ducky sent you lol.


I live in the area and work in Charlotte. I am looking to get more active in groups since I just finished up my degree program and want to get back on the development grind. Some of the organized groups are a little bigger which can be intimidating for someone with my personality type, but I may just have to put myself out there haha.