Intermediate front end projects

Intermediate front end projects


Hello everyone,

Is it ok to do intermediate algorithms as I build my intermediate projects (I’m currently building the weather app)? Or should I wait till I finish my projects before moving forward. When I don’t have access to a computer, I have been solving the intermediate algorithms on my phone.



do whatever you can until you get stuck :slight_smile:


Thanks Shawn!

Btw I am super inspired by your story. I too am in a similar boat and switching careers to be a web dev. The first couple of months have been very draining but I’m sticking with it. Do you recommend any other resources in addition to fcc?


If you can handle both, go for it. Whatever order you want is fine.


thanks! hmm. if you can afford it, get frontend masters and eggheadio and complete every workshop that interests you. theres enough there to fill a whole year and its much better than udemy. also get some community aside from fcc. local coding groups, or twitter codenewbie, whatever works for you. the journey doesnt have to be lonely.


Thanks Kevin! See you Thursday at the React meetup.