Introduce Yourself, Houstonians!

Introduce Yourself, Houstonians!

Hey guys & gals,

I just wanted to start a thread where we could all introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little.

My name is Josh, I’m one of the organizers of freeCodeCamp Houston. I started learning to code with freeCodeCamp in 2016 and started working as a software developer in 2017. I love what I’m doing and I’m excited to hang out with you during our study sessions.

Post a quick bio of yourself and your involvement/goals with freeCodeCamp below.


Hello everyone!

The Houston meetup is very friendly and inclusive! Please come join us at a meetup

I’m Fay and I also started the FCC in 2016. I had a really great time following along with the curriculum and managed to complete Front End, and portions of Data Viz and Backend (the 3 legacy certifications). Last year, I got to meet QUINCY at the first FCC Hackathon at GitHub’s HQ in San Francisco.

Although I am not a developer as my day job, I spend a significant amount of free time on side projects, learning skills, and attending tech meetups around town. I’m currently collaborating remotely on a React/Node/SQL project for a private client.

Say hello, and let’s all learn together!

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Hi Fay, it was so cool hanging out with you at the JAMstack hackathon!

Welcome back to the forum!

I recently moved to Dallas so I’m not to far from you all, and excited about the prospect of driving down.

Also, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re freelancing and building some projects for clients - that is a great way to sustainably build up your skills!

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