Introduce yourself to the group!

Introduce yourself to the group!

Hi all,

Following what other study groups have done, the intention of this topic is so that you can all introduce yourselves, I’ll be the first one to do so.

My name is Andres and I’m a Solution Architect living in Henley On Thames, I was born in Madrid, Spain, have been lucky to live in countries like Chile or Italy thanks for my parents jobs, although more recently I relocated to the UK back in 2014, moving to a different role in the company I work for.

I started learning development back in 2006 when I started studying Computer Science, and have been doing since then. I started my own company in 2009 doing mainly web and mobile development projects meanwhile I finished my degree. In 2011 I then applied for a position in a big tech company for which I have been working since then.

My career has been moving towards less technical positions, which have made me start learning new technologies in my free time thru learning courses, books, practice but also attending to different meetups in my area. Attending these meetups, made me realize I would love to create one in the town I live in, which is why I’m starting this freeCodeCamp in Henley On Thames.

One of my purposes from creating and participating in these study groups is to keep learning and building up the confidence I would like to reach one day to move towards some development or software engineer position in the future.

I love technology in general, gadgets drive me crazy, and I do listen to a lot of music, my actual top 5 is Coldplay, Radiohead, Stereophonics, SnowPatrol and Manic Street Preachers. I’m currently reading the YDKJS book series and the trilogy from Mark Russinovich’s.

I really hope we can all build a cool study group in the Henley On Thames area. Remember you can join our free discord channel to have interesting discussions and also to keep using freeCodeCamp curriculum, forum and news to keep learning new stuff! Please introduce yourself by giving some background and your objectives!