Introduce yourself 😀

Introduce yourself :grinning:

Hello everyone :wave:,

Please use this thread to introduce yourself.

I am Ashnita. I am a frontend web developer who loves Angular and JavaScript. My background was programming in C and other non-web development. I started learning frontend development about 4 years ago. I actually used which was really fun but I didn’t have many project ideas to practice with.

CodeSchool was not part of Pluralsight back then. CodeSchool was very generous and every now and again gave a month free membership and would extend it for another month if a friend signed up with your code. I made very good use of that. I learnt Sass, Fundamentals of Design, jQuery, and writing JavaScript for performance. I wrote a blog post on Codepen which got published in SassWeekly! I am a big fan of Gregg Pollack and will forever be grateful for his courses, with the fun music intros!

I wish I had known of freecodeCamp. I was often without resources or guidelines on what to study. freecodeCamp has a full and great curriculum with projects for each topic all available for free! I would have loved to find this when I started learning frontend web development.

When I got to know of freecodeCamp, I thought to start mentoring people who were just starting to code. I have been organising study meetups since November 2017. Through mentoring I improve my skills. Every now and then I use freeCodeCamp to learn and revise as well.

I am currently trying to become more fluent with Angular and JavaScript and hope to learn back-end development.


thats nice keep up your great work and learning