Is down?

Is down?


My pen went from working to not working within an hour. It’s now throwing CORS errors, code 502, though I’ve been going blithely along with Can anybody else confirm, did something happen to’s functionality in the past few hours? Or did I broked something?


Seems like is down. It is quite often down. Someone found this alternative: But I haven’t tested it.

EDIT: It seems to work.


Yup. that last one works, and the previous is down a lot.:wink:


Thanks so much for starting this thread. I was just checking one of my projects a few hours ago and noticed it wasn’t working either. Turns out it was that was the problem. I woke up to replace it instantly.
Although for some reason it isn’t working when put before my image link but it’s okay.


Often some image hosting sites have restrictions on “hotlinking,” putting them on your own page just by calling their URL. But I don’t think that kind of use would run into CORS problems anyway. I could be wrong about that though…


Worked for me. Thanks BenGitter for the great find.