Is freeCodeCamp enough for a competition like GSoC?

Is freeCodeCamp enough for a competition like GSoC?


I am aspiring to attempt GSoC in the next year and have by now almost completed the frontend here at freeCodeCamp as well as have a previous experience of Django(a web framework based on Python for back end).
I am in a doubt that would the freeCodeCamp curriculum be enough for GSoC.
Any tips and leads are very much appreciated.


freeCodeCamp provides you with a path, but it’s your job to apply yourself and do outside research, freeCodeCamp does very little teaching - it uses challenges and projects to test what you learned - the forums, their blog, and their YouTube will give you a good amount of information, they are working on releasing a huge set of guides that will further help - but you’re expected to do offsite research to prepare. With Google’s Summer of Code you should be prepared as long as you are fluent in frontend and backend development - TL;DR freeCodeCamp can get you started on the right path but it’s up to you to apply yourself and engage in outside learning to be fully prepared.


Thanks very much for your help.


I’m working on applying for various universities/community collages so maybe I’ll be able to participate next summer :slight_smile:


I am currently a sophomore(I think I started late to code) and also looking to apply next summer.
We both will be in touch then.
Good Luck!!


Awesome, and it’s never to late to start coding :smiley:


Thanks, is there any way we could be in touch?


Expect a private message from me in two minutes.


You get out what you put in.


Thanks very much.