Is it just me or

Is it just me or


…does its seem a little early to add making a portfolio a challenge? I’m just about to start making my tribute page and noticed this was next and as a beginner that’s all my portfolio will consist of,or am I missing the point?


Making a portfolio is an essential step towards having something that you can eventually show employers. By making it early, you have something that you can-- and are encouraged to-- go back and improve as you learn more.

It is meant to be barebones to begin with. Add each project you do, put more complicated functionality as you learn how to do it, and look at the way that it evolves from a simple placeholder page with a link or two towards not really excellent works into a proper one incorporating more advanced html structures, beautiful css, and intricate JavaScript.

The point of it is not to make it now and ignore it. You’ll be improving it, and hopefully, it will be improving alongside you.


I think your portfolio is meant to be an ongoing “work in progress” kind of thing. By the time it gets looked at when you get to the end of the third certification it will not be anything like what you start out with. So I suppose it gets introduced early so you can start evolving it…


You both make perfect sense I should have stepped back to look at the broader pic and not just see it as just another challenge.


I had the same problem, not with the tribute page but with the portfolio. Then I step back and did some reading and now I think it is a great project, challenging but good.

If you want look this too it will really help you


The portfolio used to be the very first one. It will be a work in progress as you should update it to include new projects as you built them and of course, I recommend that you improve your portfolio as you get better with web development. @betterman77


Would be great to have a forum topic of people posting versions of their portfolio at the start and after they have completed the Front End section.


Well that can be easily arraged …

My Initial Portfolio.
My current Portfolio.

Feel free to critique it.


I skipped doing it myslef and intended to do it after the other frontend projects.


Your portfolio is so cool!!! :smiley: Did you get both Front End and Backend development certifications?


When projects are put on a public GIT from the very beginning everybody is able to checkout any version from start till actual state.


Thanks, I only have the front end, I haven’t done the backend because I want to learn react first.


how much time between the two Portfolio versions ?


Well that would be several months just because I didn’t bother to redesign until recently. I learned about material design and did some projects with it instead of bootstrap and I decided to redo my portfolio and now I like it better and I’m still working on it along with my resume to hopefully land my first dev job.