Is it me or all of us?

Is it me or all of us?

That’s very helpful advice.



You need to build things on your own. That’s the only way to learn.



This is what I really wanted to hear.
It made my day.

Thanks for the shower of wisdom on us @cndragn and you too, @Moha-99 for asking the question.

Have a great day.

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Thanks to everyone who commented or saw the post. And I hope you code long and prosper :pray:



Nah. The best way to learn (for me, anyway) is to break the CRAP out of stuff. I can’t understand something unless I grok why it DOESN’T do what I was expecting.

Back in the day, early days of jQuery, I inadvertently banned the entire IP block for the city of Cambridge from using Yahoo AND excite. Then the boss and I had to do a presentation for them both, explaining what it was our code had done, why it broke their shiny toys, how we worked around it, and how they might patch that particular issue.

I was one of those kids took the AM radio apart to find out how it worked. Still am.

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That’s what I mean, when you build things on your own, you end up breaking stuff. It’s those moments when you mess up that you actually learn something.



Good day,

I just want to say that I was in your shoes, what got me out of that situation was to create my own projects. It is okay to forget things, I have started to learn web development 2 years ago just like you and still every time I create an HTML page I look up in the Google how to add favicon or how to use rem unit in CSS. Just hang in there and don’t give up, and most important of all start writing your own code. You don’t have to start big, in fact, you shouldn’t. Start small and build your way up. You got this. :muscle::rocket: