Is the stuff on the FCC map is enough?

Is the stuff on the FCC map is enough?


I am currently doing javascript basic algorithmic scripting. I wonder if content provided by FCC is enough for my career? I guess no, I have to learn here as well as outside of FCC. I need help that where should I start from? Any good site or book?

Back End - Is it Enough?

fCC isn’t meant to teach you everything at once, it’s just the best place to start. You shouldn’t stop learning until you die.


Take a look at this article I typed, it might help you out! “Is Free Code Camp Enough To Become A Successful Developer?” @mhenderson_4


Thanks for sharing your article, Michael. I found it very helpful.


This article is great. Thanks for sharing.


you should read this post too


no problem! It means a lot to me that you think the article is great! :slight_smile:


NO problem! Im glad you found it helpful! that was my goal :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your idea to practice these challenges in CodePen! I hadn’t thought of that yet (facepalm) and I know it’s going to help all of this information sink in and remain in my noggin for the long run. Thanks again!


No problem @tinyinkling! You will probably be like me , and eventually, after working with a tool for hours you will have that “ahh” moment where it suddenly makes sense :blush:


Try you get a breakdown of js and you can practice in your browser.


I surely will. Thank you :slight_smile: