Its also about code pen

Its also about code pen


This Project has no index.html
If you’re the owner of this project, you’ll need to add an index.html file at the root of the project, before seeing the project here.

How to over come this on codepen?



The HTML window on your window is pretty much acting as a index.html already. Whatever html you code you insert there, will be displayed.


I am sorry to say that am not getting what you are trying to figure out


You want to open up a pen instead of project in codepen. You will see what I mean.


I am coding a free codecamp project. Should I just continue the way I am ? Or i need to perform those things?



Can you share a screenshot of your codepen?


In the project, add a file called index.html, that’s what it’s telling you to do, you need that file.

@shimphillip op is talking about a project, not a pen.


Ok bro, but when I registered to codepen I found there the already existing index.html file which am working in. So, do I have to create another one?


You need to share a link, not really possible to see what the issue is from the description


Do I just have to copy a link on my working environment on codepen?


I assume so, I’ve never really used the projects facility on codepen


Ok tell me online coding environment where I can code from and how I will link it to code camp


If you’re having troubles with the projects on Codepen, just create a new pen. There you will have 3 areas: HTML, CSS and Javascript. Just type your code on each area and you’re good to go.