I've accepted a Junior Front End Developer job in London!

I've accepted a Junior Front End Developer job in London!

Nice. 8monts - it’s fast. Ps. The dogs ^^.

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Unless you declare it as a variable?!


Congratulations @Pagey!
I’m currently pursuing the same journey, currently working on some React projects.
Also, I’m based in the UK - but not in London! So would you mind sharing some tips on how to apply for jobs there? is it the best place to have a first developer job in the UK? Are the salaries in London really that high compared to the other regions?
You are the most qualified persons to answer those question. Thanks!

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If this is not inspiring I don’t know what is. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, a motivational boost like this keeps my wheels turning. :tada:

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Congrats that’s awesome and great motivation for the rest of us to keep pushing.

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Wow. Congratulations, your story will keep us motivated. Your tips are valuable to me as well.

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Congratulations brother for your job

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so happy to hear your story. i’m a junior dev that just finished a bootcamp and it’s honestly overwhelming to figure out on what to focus on but I decided to settle on Javascript and Python. Looking forward to what the future will hold in NYC and beyond.

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Very insightful. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new job.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you asking about tips for jobs in London or the UK generally?

I don’t know if London is the best place to have a first developer job. There’s pros and cons to everywhere depending on your situation. e.g. in smaller cities that don’t have as many bootcamps, the competition for the junior jobs may be less.

From my experience, the salaries are higher in London than any other city in the UK. However, the living costs are also much higher in London. I’ve heard good things about Edinburgh which has a lot smaller living costs and also has good salaries.

I think one of the advantages to working in London is the sheer quantity of companies. Competition is good for the consumer and having lots of options of companies to work at can only help you as an employee.

Cities like London aren’t for everyone, it really comes down to your personal motivations and priorities.


Not sure if you still visit here, but how goes the new job?

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Yeh new job is going really well thanks. Definitely a lot of unexpected surprises I couldn’t have seen coming. For example, I was surprised at how similar it is to coding on personal projects.You basically just sit down and build things in React. The other side to it is that coding on a shared codebase is more challenging that I anticipated :joy: A lot of the job has involved reading other peoples code and trying to work out what and why they did it in a certain way.

@paulgoogle Anything in particular you’re curious about?

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How are you finding working with other people’s code?
Guess for me, it’s just nice to see a fellow UK’er break into the web development market :+1:

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Good luck teaM…thaks for tHe post…

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that darn British language barrier!


Congrats that was very informative and helpful, particularly the JavaScript part.

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Congratulation Dan. Thanks for sharing detailed timeline for your journey. I am on a similar path and hope to make it in the industry someday.

Best of luck!


Blockquote Recruitment is a lot about right time, right place and quite a bit of luck as well.> Blockquote

This right here. You can do all you can. Without it, you won’t make it. Yet, it should never discourage anyone from trying.

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