I've got my certificates. Now what?

I've got my certificates. Now what?


So I’ve gotten all three of my certifications about two weeks ago and have access to the Open Dev Tools section. However, I don’t see any non-profit projects available. Do I still have to wait before I get to do them? Or am I missing something?

Also, if I do still have to wait, is there anything else I could do in the meantime, like Udemy courses, Codecademy, etc.?



There have recently been some changes, and the formerly non-profit projects are now available to anyone to contribute to (though obviously since you completed the rest you can do a lot more). Instead of being assigned with several others to a project, the non-profit projects are on the freeCodeCamp GitHub and anyone can contribute. They are now called “Open Source For Good” and are projects used by several non-profit organizations. You can search the forums for “non-profit projects” to learn more. You can access them at the bottom of the map and on freeCodeCamp’s repo.

If you have any non-profit specific questions, you can email or pm Quincy Larson.


Okay, thanks for your help!


Glad to, thanks for bringing it up! I raised an issue on the GitHub side of things, hopefully this will appear more clear on the site in the future!