JavaScript Add Methods After Inheritance challenge

JavaScript Add Methods After Inheritance challenge


The challenge doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Pressing “Run the Tests” gives no feedback.

Add Methods After Inheritance

@mgh0, Already tried refreshing your browser?


I’ve tried to complete the challenge from 2 different computers and with 3 different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome and Edge). The other challenges work just fine.


I moved your question to a new topic, so you will get a better response. Please do not ask questions about your own solutions on another poster’s thread.

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Thank you! This is what i’ve tried, but it doesn’t really matter what I type, because I’m not getting any response from the page.

function Animal() { } = function() { console.log("nom nom nom"); };

function Dog() { }

// Add your code below this line
Dog.prototype = Object.create(Animal.prototype);
Dog.prototype.constructor = Dog;
Dog.bark() = function() {

// Add your code above this line

let beagle = new Dog();; // Should print "nom nom nom"
beagle.bark(); // Should print "Woof!"