JavaScript Assignment Operators

JavaScript Assignment Operators


Assignment operators, as the name suggests, assign (or re-assign) values to a variable. While there are quite a few variations on the assignment operators, they all build off of the basic assignment operator.


x = y;
      | Description                                   | Necessity

--------- | --------------------------------------------- | ---------
x | Variable | Required
= | Assignment operator | Required
y | Value to assign to variable | Required

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let initialVar = 5;   // Variable initialization requires the use of an assignment operator
let newVar = 5;
newVar = 6;   // Variable values can be modified using an assignment operator


The other assignment operators are a shorthand for performing some operation using the variable (indicated by x above) and value (indicated by y above) and then assinging the result to the variable itself.

For example, below is the syntax for the addition assignment operator:

x += y;

This is the same as applying the addition operator and reassigning the sum to the original variable (i.e., x), which can be expressed by the following code:

x = x + y;

To illustrate this using actual values, here is another example of using the addition assignment operator:

let myVar = 5;   // value of myVar: 5
myVar += 7;   // value of myVar: 12 = 5 + 7

Complete list of Javascript’s assignment operators

Operator Syntax Long version
Assignment x = y x = y
Addition assignment x += y x = x + y
Subtraction assignment x -= y x = x - y
Multiplication assignment x *= y x = x * y
Division assignment x /= y x = x / y
Remainder assignment x %= y x = x % y
Exponentiation assignment x **= y x = x ** y
Left shift assignment x <<= y x = x << y
Right shift assignment x >>= y x = x >> y
Unsigned right shift assignment x >>>= y x = x >>> y
Bitwise AND assignment x &= y x = x & y
Bitwise XOR assignment x ^= y x = x ^ y
Bitwise OR assignment x = y


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