Javascript Calculator with Mac OS Calculator look

Javascript Calculator with Mac OS Calculator look


JavaScript calculator project, Suggestion and feedbacks are much appreciated


It works on my ipad and that is a plus as so many projects fail to even load when i look at them with my ipad!
How hard would it be to add a little area to show the current calculation as it is being typed? (Eg if someone types 32+45=, then it shows those characters somewhere on a line above or below the main result display area )


i get your point, but the idea was to make it look and function exactly the same as mac os calculator in basic mode…
coming to your suggestion, no it wont be that hard, to construct a string of the calculation and display it on top of the result…

Thanks for the suggestion


In case it helps fuel more innovation, here’s a screenshot of the calculator in basic mode running on my ipad


ipad version, looks different. cool :slight_smile:
i was aiming for this


also i would love your feedback on Drum Machine and Pomodoro Clock, if you have time

Drum Machine

Pomodoro Clock


Try to type: 2 . 03 + 3.02 and see what happens.


i didn’t think to test the floating point addition… good thing to remember to look at as mentioned by @sorinr