Javascript learning buddy

Javascript learning buddy


I’m looking for a coding buddy to learn Javascript with. Have been trying to go at it on my own, first through FCC then a mixture of CodeCademy and Udacity.

Having a learning buddy to bounce questions/ideas off of would speedup and soften the experience. We could hold each other accountable and stay motivated together.

Update: Due to the response received, I created a Slack workspace that we can all use to stay in touch/pair up or work in groups:

Please join and introduce yourselves. Let’s get to learning :slight_smile:

Limiting decimal input in Calculator

Hi. I am interested in being part of a study group.
I am a beginner with close to no practical experience. Though I feel confident that I can tackle quite a range of projects with my currebt theoretical background.
I also have a full-time job and two young children, so I am iften short on time.
I prefer to keepin touch through online messages, whatsapp or email. I could use screen/voice sharing software like zoom, if my time allows.
I am from Brazil and i can speak Portuguese and English. I understand French and Spanish but I am not too confident speaking.
Finally, i am looking for someine to do the projects in the ffc curriculum, but other experiences are fine.
Let me know if i match at least some of your expectation lol


Hey there, I would also be interested in a coding buddy. For the projects here at FCC and/or just general practice projects. I think it’d be great to have another person to bounce ideas off of, not to mention feedback is invaluable when learning.

Let me know if you’d be interested in partnering up!


Count me in. I think it’d be great to have coding buddies.


This is a great idea! Love to do a study group. Should we set up a slack channel or something else? Email works well with me. I’m just starting out myself and id love to fully grasp the concepts.


I’m a fresh grad junior dev trying to learn and I would love to be part of this!


I am a fresh grad and applying for job. I would love to join the group.


Interested. Just starting the journey with javascript. Lot more to know about it. So Great chance to explore it.


Hi guys!

Loving the quick response. MsAura, fantastic idea! I created a Slack workspace that we can all use to stay in touch and pair up or work in groups:

Please join and introduce yourselves. Let’s get to learning :slight_smile:



I ksalce, I have joined your slack ground. I am looking for someone to code every week at a set time. I live in the Uk so someone from the USA or euro would be great. I have some coding challenges which we could use in the coding pairing.

happy coding


Hey learning buddies, just joined the Slack group. Working my way through the FCC challenges and excited to start playing with Javascript. My last programming experiments were in BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL and PL1 about 35 years ago. A little rusty, but I just moved to a new city, Houston, and have lots of time on my hands. Nice to meet you all!


Hello Learning Buddies, I found this really interesting and I’d like to join you to be part of the group as I am also currently working on FCC and we can definitely share challenges. I picked up JS to understand React Native and Redux so mostly I am focusing on ES6 but I missing practicing. I have full-time job and as a Technical Support and I work to with several Languages: JS,HTML,SQL,JAVA but I do not master any.


This is great. Count me in :slight_smile:


Is this still on? Cause the invite links don´t work!


Same here. I wanted to join in but the invite is not longer available :expressionless:


@snowmonkey should be here soon :smiley: you guys can still join a group


And there goes the bus. KA-thunk!

Sorry, little distracted. There’s a great discord group, mentioned over here.

And the slack group is available for those interested, I’m also going to be polling new slack-ers for mods. Be warned! lol