jQuery .animate() two elements at the same time

jQuery .animate() two elements at the same time


I’m trying to get two elements to animate at the same time, on separate .animate() calls. I’ve tried setting ‘queue:false’, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Any help? Pen linked below:


Do you solved it? I tried and seems it’s working ^^


No, I did not. If you look closely the text on the button always changes color AFTER the background changes color. Ideally, this would happen simultaneously.


Oh, i see ^^
I just tinkered a bit, what I have seen is that the button colour change suddenly ( when delay expires ) even if you comment the other animate commands^^ Using 400ms on the button give to me the impression to be more synchronous…obviously is a workaround and probably is just an impression, I can’t help on it soz :confused: