Jquery assistance

Jquery assistance


how can i take all the id tags of the check boxes of a certain div element and put then into an array


First, you want to define your empty array let myArr = [];.
Then get all of the parent div $('.yourDiv')
Then you need to get all of the checkbox elements .find('input[type="checkbox"]')
Then you will want to loop through each of those elements .each()
Then provide a function to each for getting the id and putting it into your array function(index, node){ myArray[myArray.length] = $(node).attr('id');


the last sentence threw me off =\


.each() requires a function and will pass the index of the iteration and the node/object as parameters into that function. So something like this:

let myArr = [];
$('.yourDiv').find('input[type="checkbox"]').each(function(index, node){
    myArray[myArray.length] = $(node).attr('id');


what exactly are index and node in that function are they holding something thats the part throwing me off the most i dont get where you are getting those from


When in doubt hit the documentation :slight_smile:



ya ive been search through w3schools for 2 days haha, i just cant find anything to do what i want but i will get it haha, i can get my program to run, just not the way i really want it to


I usually follow a process where I look at the specs first to see what examples they have. Then look to any tutorial sites for inspiration. I prefer Mozilla Developer Network generally - they have specs, examples, and decent tutorials for a variety of languages. After that I look to help sites like StackOverflow to see if other people have tried to do the same thing or run across a similar problem. Then there are also sites like css-tricks, smashingmagazine, alistapart, etc,. that offer a mix of technical, inspiration, and best practice articles.


thanks a ton the .push and .id is what ive been missing


another question is it possible for a single if statement to check multiple things and have it output different things also


var goBtn = document.getElementById(“doIt”);
goBtn.addEventListener(“click”, lrnLp);

function lrnLp() {
var boxes = [];
if ((boxes = $(“input[name=learnIn]:checked”)));
var checkboxIds = [];
var outPut;
for (var i = 0; i < boxes.length; i++) {

var outPut = “Study: \n”;

if (checkboxIds == “cPlusplus”) {
outPut += “C++ \n”;
if (checkboxIds == “learnJs”) {
outPut += “JavaScript \n”;
if (checkboxIds == “learnJa”) {
outPut += “Java \n”;
if (checkboxIds == “learnHtml”) {
outPut += “Html \n”;

if (outPut == undefined) {
alert(“Check some boxes”);
} else {

ok heres what i got so far its more complicated then i thought and think you guys can figure out what im trying do, it works almost like i want other then i cant get it out output more then one at a time


also my attempts at self teaching are not going well haha, but cant afford school so the hard way it is


@canapacoder I agree with @nhavar 's answer except for the last bit.

Always remember that when you use $() to select something it always returns a collection of array-like collection of objects. So you don’t have to iterate over the $() selected elements, just assign it to your empty array.

Consider this your html

  <input type="checkbox" id="1" />
  <input type="checkbox" id="2" />
  <input type="checkbox" id="3" />

Now if you console.log($('div').find('input[type="checkbox"]')).toArray(); It will return array of elements.
You can either use this array directly or assign it to a local variable.

If you want the value or id of these elements, you can iterate over it like a normal array forEach loop.

const elementsArr = $(div).find('input[type="checkbox"]')).toArray();
elementsArr.forEach(function (singleArrElement) {
    console.log(singleArrayElement.value, singleArrayElement.id);

Now instead of logging the elements as above, you can push them in a new array of your own using .push method .

$(node).attr('id') is same as node.id.

P.S. Use jQuery methods only when necessary.Methods .forEach(), .push(), .id can be used without any library in the browser.


what does the $(node) actually do


It’s because you can check if [‘learnJs’] == ‘learnJs’, but as soon as you add another id to the array then it’s actually testing the whole array against a single string and [‘learnJs’,‘learnJa’] == ‘learnJs’ ends up being false. To test if a string is in an array you need to use Array.indexOf() to test example if(checkboxIds.indexOf('learnJs'));

EDIT: Oh and you need to update your array when things are unchecked.


I tried to stay within the confines of it being a jquery question versus a best practices/vanilla js. But I agree with the concept of leaning more heavily on vanilla JavaScript when there isn’t any immediate benefit from a library or the effort to make it vanilla is pretty low.


It wraps all the fancy jQuery methods on top of an existing DOM node.

Suppose you wanted to hide an anchor tag.
<a href="#close" class="btn-close">X</a>

By using vanilla javascript you can select an element like this:

const anchorEle = document.querySelector('a.btn-close');

To hide it you gave to do anchorEle.style.display = 'none';
OR by wrapping jQuery around the element Object you can do $(anchorEle).hide();

Hope that clarifies what $() wrapping does…
You can also check this StackOverflow Question for further clarification.


thanks but im not trying to hide any parts currently :slight_smile:


the indexOf just doesnt seem to work how i want , it just seems to output something even if its not true for the if statement


Sorry I forgot to update the conditional, you need to make sure it’s not -1 (not found).

if (checkboxIds.indexOf("cPlusplus") >= 0) {