Jumpstarting careers alongside FCC

Jumpstarting careers alongside FCC


So I’ve been beefing up my JS fundamentals with Udacity courses, MOOCs, and books like Eloquent Javascript. I’m anxious to start a career in technology, but I still have a long way to go from my unpredictable and often tiring job as a delivery driver. I was wondering if other campers and mods might have ideas or stories about how their growing tech skills helped them get jobs while they studied Computer Science and web development.


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Okay, thanks!
I think what I meant to say was that I’m trying to figure out what jobs or career tracks I could get started on right now while I build my skills. I’m not exactly a designer, so I’d have to come into the field another way.


It depends on what you know till now. I can share my story with you. I am working in a startup. I know some Python and built an app using Python micro-framework Flask. I have shown this app at my CV and present my Github activity before the recruiter. Than i have got the job. But after getting the job now i am forced to work in the Front End. It is really hard for me. Though i am delivering the job no matter what it costs. I accept my situation as in Start-up i have to work for the Start-up, not only for my own benefit. Thus i have come to FCC to learn and hone my skills in JS.

In real world, what really matters is getting the job done. :smiley: