June Eugene MeetUp

June Eugene MeetUp

General details:

  • To get in, just ring the door bell on the left side, and someone will let you in. It’s always locked, but people will always come and open the door for you.
  • Look for us in the room on the left.
  • Bring your laptop! This is a great time to share what you’ve been working on or what has stumped you!

Are we still thinking that weekends are a good time? I’m out of town this weekend and I know more about if I can be around on weekends on either side of this, so maybe we can potentially move this or do 2 weekends if anyone would like :slight_smile:
Let me know!

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I’m good with the weekends. This one is fine, or if another works better for you and others I’m totally down to reschedule. Whatever date seems to fit the best for everyone I’ll make work!

So, I’ll definitely be gone that weekend and the following. Is there a way I can meet you to give you my key?

I’d be able to meet sometime the week before, if that works.

Yeah no problem. I have fridays-sundays off from work, or most mornings and can meet any of those times for the most part.

Cool, let’s meet closer to the end of the month then.

Happy coding!

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@mckelveygreg Hey the end of the month is already here! Not sure how time escaped me so quickly in May. When/where should we meet so I can grab the key for this weekends RAIN meetup? I know at least one other person plans to attend this one and I’m going to reach out to a couple more outside of this forum.

I’m right downtown, so I can meet you any time before 6 today or tomorrow at rain to show you around!
Or Friday morning perhaps? I have a flight in the afternoon

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Let’s do tomorrow! I’d love to have you show me RAIN since I’ve never been. I work at 2:00. Could we meet around 12:00 tomorrow? If not I’m basically free from 8:30-1:45 tomorrow and can make anytime in that range work. I also have all day friday off. Whatever works better for your schedule.

Yeah, noon works fine unless you want to meet closer to when you need to go so you aren’t stuck in town :slight_smile:

Noon is fine. Should we meet at RAIN? @mckelveygreg

Yeah, see you there!

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I’ll be there on Sunday and I have a key, so no need. I can get it going.

@hatbearingoctopus So i wasn’t able to ask RAIN if I could lend you my key for the weekend, but @websupergirl has a key and will be there.
Do you still want to meet tomorrow to check it out? Let me know

@mckelveygreg That’s ok. If @websupergirl is going to open up shop I’ll just work on getting the word spread and hopefully have some others in tow on Sunday. No need for us to meet tomorrow.

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How did it go?! Was there a decent showing?

Thanks for talking with us newbies on sunday @websupergirl. It was nice to meet you and I liked getting to walk around and check out RAIN a bit as it was my first time there. Hopefully more people will start joining our study group soon!