Just finished my Portfolio

Just finished my Portfolio


Hey guys! I just made this portfolio about a fake company.
I would love to receive some feedback from you.
For some reason the hamburger button doesn’t work on codepen and Idon’t know why.
Here it is:

Any criticism would be great.
Thank you!


The ordering of external js files do matter. bootstrap.js depends on jquery, so in your javascript settings jquery has to be first on the list.

As far as I know, the col-* classes are meant to be used by <div> elements and the like, not on <h*> elements or images.

There are bootstrap classes for forms, and also classes that let you make responsive video embeds. Check them out on bootstrap’s docs.

I noticed that you repeated inline styles for your icons. It’s smarter to move them to the CSS section.

And I like your design :slight_smile:


The colors are great!. It has a good design.

The navbar in smaller width is not working.

google smooth scrolling, it´s something that scrolls smoothly through the page when you click on anchors inside the page, really cool stuff.

but besides these things mentioned you sure have a good design


A user here gave me a hand with that navbar problem, I just need to add smooth scrolling now.

Thanks for your feedback Andrei! I really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot Kev! It’s so great to have this kind of answers.

I’ll take your suggestions and correct all these stuff.