Just got my first 6 figure job offer, thank you freeCodeCamp

Just got my first 6 figure job offer, thank you freeCodeCamp


I’ve been developing for over 12 years, mostly doing PHP and custom wordpress themes / plugins. I always loved Javascript but didn’t have the experience to get a job doing much Javascript, instead I usually found myself working with some sort of PHP making just enough to survive.

After completing the freeCodeCamp front end dev certificate as well as a few javascript udemy courses, I was finally knowledgeable enough of Javascript to impress a small startup with a big budget in the healthcare industry. I didn’t even know what the salary was when I applied, as they didn’t have it listed, so I just assumed it wouldn’t be much.

After acing a code test on hackerrank.com and a phone interview that went pretty smoothly, I got an email 2 weeks later saying I was a valuable candidate and they were waiting to hire a UI Architect before they continued with interviews. I told them I just received another offer, which was true ($60K salary with no benefits and no signing bonus), and asked them what they would be able to offer me if I was hired. They then told me 90 - 130K with benefits and possibly relocation funds and that surprised the hell out of me so I requested to interview right away in order to consider both offers.

I drove down nearly 2 hours to San Diego and had a great time at the interview. I found myself reciting what I learned on freeCodeCamp and being able to fully verbally explain how a front end Javascript framework would work with their startup Saas product in essentially pseudo code. Needless to say the hiring manager could tell I knew my shit, and seemed excited to finally meet someone with my knowledge.

A couple hours later after I drove back home, I get a call from the manager asking me a couple personal questions and then told me I would get a letter from the COO within 24 hours with a written offer.

2 hours later, I get the offer in my email and I was hoping for 100K but wouldn’t complain if they offered 90K, and it read 105K plus a 5K signing bonus to help with relocation. It’s quite shocking to go up in salary so dramatically; it’s been like 3 days and I’m still in disbelief that someone actually values my knowledge and work THAT much.

Thank you freeCodeCamp for one of the biggest opportunities I have received in my life.

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one day Sandris, one day…


Good luck with your new job. :slight_smile:


Good job, you worked hard for it congrats



Very inspirational !


Great post, sounds like you handled that job search process optimally.

Congrats and good luck!


Congratulations, and thanks for the link to HackerRank.

I started the 10 Days of JavaScript and am filling in gaps in my knowledge even at the Day 0 level. They give a more rigorous coverage of topics in their resources, which I like. (I’m also finding it a bit confusing, as they’re covering basics but seem to assume prior knowledge. Also, some of the things they do - like their use of a main function - seem more like C++ or another language.)


Congrats! This is motivation or me. Thank you.


thats awesome man congrats!

wait you got this after getting just your front end certificate? I suppose the UI Architect and 12 years of PHP helped out lol.

again nice job! Cant wait until I hit the same milestone.


To be honest, I haven’t taken their courses, only used it to take code tests for the application process, but I’m sure if they’re training for their own code tests, it’s bound to be good.


Thank you. Yes, this position was specifically a front end engineer , so everything from the freecodecamp front end certificate helped me in some way. But yeah, just being in the field long enough gave me enough general programming knowledge and practice to make up for a degree.


congrats man…truly inspirational …


WOW!! Congratulations, like really.
That’s a dream come true.
-I wish I could get past the Portfolio Project and be on my way like you.
–But still that’s such an amazing and inspiring story and we’re so happy for you.


Wow! Congrats & Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for your inspirational article, you really worked hard for the job, how long did you take to complete fcc front end? Dev?


Thank you for posting this it’s very inspirational! It gave me the motivation I needed today congratulations.


Sincere congratulations! Thanks for the inspiration!


Very happy for you ! Make good of it



I hope I’m still a developer in 12 years!

Best of luck in your new role!


That is awesome! :+1: :slight_smile:


2 weekends of powering through it like a Netflix series.