Just got my first 6 figure job offer, thank you freeCodeCamp

Just got my first 6 figure job offer, thank you freeCodeCamp


@kgwebsites Awesome! Congratulations on the big bump in pay!

I’m thrilled to hear that some of the concepts you learned through freeCodeCamp helped so much.

So you’re moving to San Diego? It’s a beautiful city, with so many fun things to do there, and a really relaxed vibe.

Do you remember any specific questions they asked you during your interview process?


Thank you Quincy for the response!

I Can’t wait to be chillin in San Diego with my craft beer in one of the many Microbreweries.

Here are some questions they asked, along with my answers:

What is redux? - Basically explained how state management works using their prototype they had on screen.

*Sidenote - Whenever you can relate a concept to the project or software you would be working with at the company, DO IT, it will help the employer see literally how you will provide value.

They asked about a time when there was an arising problem on the front end and how I solved it. - I explained about a time when a company wanted an event creation feature on their website, so I built it out with Vue in a Laravel application.

They were in the process of deciding a front end framework to use, so they asked what I had to say on it, as I would be one of the few developers working on the front end. - I explained the major differences in Angular, React, and Vue, how React and Vue were more fit for their product, and why I preferred Vue, but could also work with React.

The code test they sent me was a lot of es6 Javascript based questions, some CSS flexbox questions, and a question on event propagation.

Hope that helps!


That’s awesome, you earned it!


I bet it’s Humana.
They reached out a few weeks ago


Congratulations @kgwebsites. I just can’t wait to share a success story like this someday. Javascript has vowed to be a difficult nut to crack but I have vowed to make the biggest harmer if that’s what it takes.

Well deserved 6 figure. Kindly drop by occasionally and share tips.


This seems to be getting a little traffic again for some reason so I’ll post an update.

Still at this job, I love it and every day I look forward to going in every morning. I’m also learning a ton every day, especially with React, and all the dev ops required for team productivity.

One of the biggest things that is overlooked is how a team environment works efficiently. I have never worked in a team of developers before, and so it took a few weeks to really get the hang of using these tools and processes. Some examples include: proper documentation, standup meetings, code reviews, JIRA ticketing, git flow, dependency management, efficient testing, etc…

The company is not any major company, it’s actually a well funded start up. I’m not sure what information they want revealed so I’ll just keep it quiet, but we’re growing so fast, I was the second engineer on the team (besides the cto) and now we have a team of 2 Front End engineers, 2 machine learning engineers, and 5 backend/devops engineers.

For those who are looking for a clear answer as to what you need to do to get this opportunity, my answer is: learn to love the craft, be patient and picky with your opportunities, and probably the most important, look to work in major tech cities, otherwise you probably won’t be as valuable and won’t be compensated as well.

Look at the salary ranges on Glassdoor for the positions you are looking for, when negotiating, start higher than the maximum, and let them bring the price down. If they’re offended of this (most places legit software companies won’t be, it’s just the business of negotiating), you probably don’t want to work their anyways and they probably won’t last for very long if they’re looking for cheap developers.



well done sir!

congrats on your future…


wait you got this after getting just your front end certificate? I suppose the UI Architect and 12 years of PHP helped out lol.


Good job buddy. Good luck to your coding career.