Just got my first certification, please rate my projects

Just got my first certification, please rate my projects


Here’s my Personal Portfolio Page, it has all the other projects, all feedback is appreciated .


ooh! Your page has so much potential! (I just reviewed the portfolio for now)

What I liked:

  • landing page looks great and makes me want to find out more. I quickly clicked on the downward arrow!
  • you clearly show what tech skills you are familiar with in a concise manner
  • your projects display page looks neat and I really liked the detailed responsiveness as I hovered and almost clicked.

Some disappointing things:

  • I got excited by your landing page and I wanted to see the blurred out picture. I kind of thought that when I click the down arrow, the next page would show me that picture. But it never happened (but I forgot about till later anyway)
  • I was expecting to see that downward pointing arrow after every section. I didn’t like having a nice arrow like that only on the landing page and not on every page.
  • The gradient background got too bright and wacky by the time I got to the contact section. Maybe find a less bright color?
  • The social links didn’t look like they were clickable. I had to put my mouse over them to check… Maybe a style update can make them look like they are something to be clicked on (so many examples of that on the web and even here on FCC)
  • The ‘Home’ menu button didn’t work for me (doesn’t seem to work at all)
  • Sadly the page header wasn’t able to handle it when i resized my browser (screen shot below for your convenience)


Looks really good. Overall I do like it.
I think my main feedback would be:

  • Something to potentially consider, is to make the header not so ‘transparent’ as such, personally I think there might need to be something to help differentiate it from the rest of the page.
  • Also the one down arrow looked slightly odd, as it is the only one… (sorry if that doubles up with what was said in previous feedback :slight_smile:)


You definitely should check out your page on Mobile, there is some room for improvement :slight_smile:


The information on the fixed header is not always visible while scrolling. Try changing the header background to a more solid color.