Just not getting javascript

Just not getting javascript


I am having real problems understanding javascript.
I have been doing loads for JS lessons with treehouse but it just does not make sense to me.
Most challenges I don’t have a clue how to solve and when I watch the solution I knew I would not have been able to solve it and even know how to begin to start the challenge.
I’m getting to the point where I think I will never understand javascript, it’s getting me really down.
What do I do?



It is free and Gordon does an awesome job explaining the stuff.

I loved the course myself and know several others who say that this is the one javascript course where things began to make sense.


Have you learned programming in another language, such as Python, before? Is it just JavaScript or programming in general that you’re finding hard?

You might try Udacity’s Introduction to Javascript course. It’s free, though they try to push paying for certification. I focuses on the basics of Javascript without worrying about web pages, and there are numerous little “quizzes” (they’re coding exercises) to practice with.

One caveat: Their coding interface is hokey with some quizzes, so if you think your answer was right but it’s not being accepted, check their forum. Don’t assume it’s you.

Also, it’s this course (below), not the Basic Javascript, which is older and more involved.

If you want a really slow, gentle intro to programming in general, take Coursera’s Programming for Everybody course. It’s Python, not Javascript. It’s also free, though again, they nag you to pay for a cert and try to mislead you by getting you to enroll for a free trial. You can enroll entirely for free as an audit student, so don’t be fooled.

If your problem solving skills need improving, you might want to study logic. You could also post an exercise or two along with how you would have solved it so we can see where your reasoning might be off.


Check out this guy, he also has a facebook group.

oops: Looks like @Dragomara posted the same link too! So count that as 2 votes for W&C.


maybe check code avengers.

it may look silly. but it was good to me.


If you are new to programming altogether, perhaps you like to read and then perform tasks?

My suggestion as I am working through it in conjunction with everything else:

I did buy a copy, but the author Marijn Haverbeke just puts it out there for free in your web browser.
After that there are some “You don’t know JS” books.
Also some JS Ninja books.
Well lots of books to supplement what you are doing.

This might be the “ground up” approach you are looking for.

Keep at it, if it was effortless, you wouldn’t get the enjoyment from it that you will eventually realize.

-WWC, “Brad”


Once you have watched the solution to a challenge, try and complete it yourself without looking anything up. After you have done this a few times and can understand what each line of code is doing then you’ll see progress. Even if you only understand small parts of JavaScript, as long as you learn something small each session then you’ll be surprised how quickly you learn more.


Thank’s Brad, I will look into the eloquent javascript and “you don’t know JS”.


Thank you for all the reply’s, I think I was in a bad mood after completing the last javascript challenge on treehouse but after some days away from it I feel better now.
I will look at all the links and see if they can help me in the future.