Just started Web development

Just started Web development

I just started one day ago,it’s interesting hope I will be able to complete this.
Anyone who just have started?
Let’s do it together


I just started too though I had some experience but not from ground up. I just wanted to start afresh.Hoping to be a full stack by the end of this year


I’m just starting out myself. I would love to have someone to work along with. I’m on section 53 of basic Javascript. I could really use some help.

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I too kinda just started… I am trying to do my first project but I don’t even know if I know what I am doing.
I don’t know if I am to write the codes in HTML or CSS(SCSS) or … What I have written isn’t showing.

@smaha @murunguk @jennyjoys2

Welcome to all of you.

It’s been a week! Congrats! Are you making progress?

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I also just started. I think we should create a WhatsApp group so we can give each motivational boost and others in order to learn the course better. Two heads are always bette than 1


I’m working on the golf code in basic javascript. How’s your progress coming along?

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I’ve never used Whats app. Let me go and check it out.

@smaha How’s your progress? At what stage are you?
@Belle777 not quite sure what you’re asking?

Hi there I have recently started and I am also in java script course.


Hey, y’all! I just got registered with a desire to (re)learn web & front-end development. I was studying to become a web developer in the late 90s (back then it was just pretty much HTML backed by PHP/MySQL), but life happened and I got side-tracked for 20-some years. Now I’m interested in pursuing what initially drew me to IT, so I’m starting over from scratch! I look forward to learning alongside of y’all!


yess,i am about to compelet the applied visual design.


[quote=“Babajide7, post:6, topic:346844”]
ys bette than 1
[/quote] that sounds great . :raised_hand:

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