Keeping your 'streak' when you only have projects left?

Keeping your 'streak' when you only have projects left?


So I was wondering what suggestion you guys have for keeping my daily stream when I have have projects left, for now I also have the advanced algos - if I do one per day it’ll help while I work on projects keep the stream. I want to avoid studying backend until I’ve finished the frontend certification. Any ideas on keeping the streak going?


Maybe go over your earlier challenges and see if you can solve them more efficiently? That would add a few more one a day tasks to keep your streak going…


Not sure that’d keep the streak but I’ll check if it gets to that point.


Ah true. I just double checked. I thought since it shows the date we update a challenge, it would count as activity, but I just looked at mine and a date where I only updated a challenge and didnt complete any new ones doesnt show any activity in my stream. Well, thats a bummer.

Oh well, looks like the only way to keep your streak going is to either complete a new challenge or a project.


I have like a bit more than a week to complete my last set of projects plus algos daily to keep my streak - I should be able to do it but it might be a bit more difficult than I first imagined.


Just in case…since you dont want to move ahead to Back End before you’re done with Front End…,see if completing Video Challenges count towards activity.


Might try that :slight_smile: